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  • Saving money now or in the future!

    As mortgage rates have continued to fall over the last year we have seen an increase in refinancing. However,why are so many people looking for the equity in their home? Is it to save money now or save money in the future? I would suggest that it depends on your individual needs.

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  • Nearly half of Canadians have credit card debt; here is how you can get rid of credit card Debt

    A Home Equity Loan is the best option for families that are looking to decrease their debt. “BMO’s 2015 Credit Card Report also showed that one in three doesn’t pay off their credit card bill every month. The report found over half (52 per cent) use their credit cards to make the majority of their…

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  • Credit score is the ultimate criteria while applying for a mortgage. How does it effects your mortgage process?

    Following are important factors which affect your credit score.­ ­ Payment History­ Payment history is the most important criteria which affects your credit score and tells lender your attitude to pay while applying for mortgage. People are rated from R0 through R9 based on their credit history. R1 is the top rating and signifies payment…

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